• 1 DAY

    Self-paced, take as long as you like

  • 6.5H

    (Made up of small clips)

  • 12 MONTHS



Breathfit is a comprehensive course on breathwork for exercise professionals. You will gain a deep understanding of different breathing techniques and benefits and how to prescribe the correct techniques and exercises to address specific client needs and situations. And the best part? You can apply these techniques to your own life to achieve greater health and well-being.

For centuries, breathwork has been practised to improve health and well-being. And now, with scientific research supporting its many benefits, you can incorporate these techniques into your sessions with clients. As an exercise professional, you have the privilege of helping to influence positive changes in your client's lives, and Breathfit gives you the tools and techniques to do just that.

With Breathfit, you can take your skills and services to the next level and help your clients achieve their full potential. 

By teaching your clients to breathe better, they will sleep better, move better, handle stress better, and be less likely to get injured or cancel sessions with you. 



  • 10 CECs from AusActive/Fitness Australia
  • ESSA CPDs (Pending approval)
  • FITREC Recognition B30

Course curriculum

    1. Terms of use

    2. Introduction by course creator Danielle Smith

    3. About the Course Creators - Danielle Smith & Dr Luke Del Vecchio

    4. Course Manual - Download or Print

    1. Module 1: Overview and Learning Outcomes

    2. Stress

    3. Email Apnea

    4. Module 1: Quiz

    5. Module 1: Recap

    6. Module 1: Recommended Reading

    1. Module 2: Overview and Learning Outcomes

    2. Understanding the breathing process

    3. Lung capacity

    4. Module 2: Quiz

    5. Module 2: Recap

    6. Module 2: Recommend Reading

    1. Module 3 Overview & Learning Outcomes

    2. The Diaphragm

    3. Diaphragm bracing

    4. Self Diaphragm Massage

    5. Diaphragm release technique

    6. Ball Mid section self massage

    7. Rock & roll demonstrational

    8. Coaching Rock & Roll

    9. The Vagus Nerve

    10. Module 3: Quiz

    11. Module 3: Recap

    12. Module 3: Recommended Reading

    1. Module 4: Overview & Learning Outcomes

    2. Observing the Breath

    3. Breath Awareness

    4. Breath awareness with Anna

    5. What is a good breath

    6. Drawing Your Breath

    7. Module 4: Quiz

    8. Module 4: Recap

    9. Module 4: Recommended Reading

    1. Module 5: Overview & Learning Outcomes

    2. Sleep Hygiene

    3. Sleep Cadence Breathing

    4. Cadence Breathing Demo

    5. Module 5: Quiz

    6. Module 5: Recap

    7. Module 5: Recommended Reading

About this course

  • $350.00
  • 133 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content


  • How long does the course take?

    The course is approximately one day of work. With about 5 hours of video footage. It's split into short modules to make it easy. Reading material is also available.

  • Can I log into the course any time?

    Absolutely, it's self-paced; you can continue any time you want. Simply log back in. You have 12 months of access from when you pay.

  • What type of assessment is involved?

    The assessment is a multiple-choice exam. This will test your understanding of the exercises and the science that we teach. There is no video assessment. Once you pass, you can download the certificate of completion.